• The Ayer Shirley Regional School Committee is responsible to the people for whose benefit the school system has been established. The Committee’s current decisions will influence the course of education in our schools for years to come. The Committee and each of its members must look to the future and to the needs of all people in the communities of Ayer and Shirley. This requires a comprehensive perspective and long-range planning, in addition to attention to immediate problems.

    The School Committee’s primary responsibility is to establish those purposes, programs, and procedures that will best produce the educational achievement needed by our students. The Committee is charged with accomplishing this while also being responsible for the wise management of resources available to the school system. The Committee must fulfill these responsibilities by functioning primarily as a legislative body to formulate and adopt policy, by selecting a Superintendent to implement policy, and by evaluating the results. It must carry out its functions openly while seeking the comments of the public, students, and staff in its decision-making processes.

      Meet our Members

      • Meet Our Members

        Joyce Reischutz
        Joyce has three sons, all of whom attended Shirley Public Schools and went on to have successful college careers. She was an active leader in the Shirley Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts for many years and was the Committee Chairman in both groups. Joyce still coordinates a very successful annual food drive with the Scouts. Her interest in children prompted her to run for Shirley School Committee, where she served for nine years and three as Chairman. During that time, she also served on the Middle School Study Committee, the Design Committee, and the Building Committee. The formation of the new Regional District prompted Joyce to run again and she was elected to a one-year term in 2010 and then a three-year term in 2011. Joyce was a member of the Negotiating Team which recently concluded a new contract for the combined teachers' union. She was a member of the ASRSD Building Committee and Chair of the Sustainability Working Group. 

        Jim Quinty
        Born and raised in Shirley, Jim attended St. Anthony's parochial school, LAW junior high school, and graduated from Ayer High School in 1974. Jim earned his BSME from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an MSME from Boston University. Jim has 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of aircraft engines for General Electric, Lynn, MA with his last position being as the manager of process technology operation for Lynn Engine Group. Jim left on a 1-year leave of absence to help out with the family business, (Shirley Fuel and Gas), 22 years ago. Jim currently resides in Shirley with his wife Beth. Jim Quinty’s three children are now all in college; AT THE SAME TIME! Now that’s some ugly math, but what better way to spend money! 

        Erica Spann
        Erica was elected to a three-year term in May of 2021. In 2020, Erica helped start and served as community co-chair of the Diversity Equity & Inclusion subcommittee. She is an active volunteer in local groups such as New Hope Community Church Food Pantry, Ayer Women's March, and a community parent group. Erica is a 2005 graduate of Ayer High School. She is a Director of Health Information Management at a local hospital. Erica has one child in the district, Rihana.

        Chris Rupprecht
        Chris was elected to the ASRSD School Committee in 2021 for a three-year term. He lives in Shirley with his wife Kate, and two children, Finley and Kai, who are both students at LAW. Chris earned his Bachelors in History from Weber State University and his Master of Education from Lesley University. Chris worked as an educator and school administrator in Boston Public Schools prior to joining The Achievement Network (ANet) 10 years ago. At ANet, a national non-profit, he serves as the Vice President of Program Operations. In that role, he leads teams building and delivering high-quality instructional products and resources to traditionally underserved communities, as well as working directly with school and district leaders to support implementation.

        Kevin Bresnahan
        Kevin was elected to the ASRSD School Committee in 2022 for a three-year term. Kevin was born and raised in Ayer and is a 1991 graduate of Ayer High School. He currently has three children in the Ayer Shirley school system; Conor, Isabel, and Ryan. Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Maine in Business. He currently works as the Director of Human Resources for Akamai Technologies. Kevin and his family started the Janis Bresnahan Run for Education eighteen years ago, a fundraiser that donates all proceeds to the Ayer Shirley Education Foundation, and is a former member of ASEF. Other involvements have been as a member of the parent committee for the High School Building project and currently an active member of the Fields Committee. 

        Ashley Pinard
        Ashley Pinard was elected to a three-year term in 2023. She lives in Ayer with her husband and 3 sons, two of whom are students at Page Hilltop. Ashley was in law enforcement for 10 years and worked as an SRO and taught self-defense classes for kids and women. She currently works in Procurement and Grants for a municipality. 

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