• Role of the School Nurse
    The nurse administers first aid to the sick and injured and promotes an optimum level of wellness for all students and staff. This may include managing life-threatening allergies and asthma as well as cancer, diabetes, mental/emotional disorders, and other chronic health conditions. The school nurse will:

    • Conduct health screenings
    • Administer medications
    • Lessen the number of students sent home needlessly
    • Identify health-related barriers to learning
    • Initiate referrals to physicians for evaluation
    • Provide health education
    • Surveillance of communicable diseases
  • HS Nurse Fax - 978-772-7444
    PH Nurse Fax - 978-772-0681
    MS Nurse Fax - 978-425-0475
    LAW Nurse Fax - 978-425-0730
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  • PHT
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